Fleet Management Success Story

Situation A large national fleet management company was looking for a way to increase driver sales. After hearing about Fourth Fleet in an industry journal and researching the market, Fourth Fleet was the clear choice to finance more cars which would mean more driver sales.

Fourth Fleet Solution Fourth Fleet began by producing a Vehicle Financing Marketing Insert that was mailed and emailed to each of the Fleet Drivers with the Vehicle Buyout 60-90 days in advance of their replacement vehicle availability. Then, Fourth Fleet proactively contacted drivers of fleet vehicles and reminded them of their option to purchase the vehicle and availability of both financing and service protection. This customized service increased driver awareness of their employee benefits and purchase options.

Partner Results Over 25% of drivers proactively contacted by Fourth Fleet submitted loan applications that otherwise would not have proceeded with their purchase. “Our remarketing team loves Fourth Fleet. In addition to selling more cars to drivers, it was easier for us since Fourth Fleet takes on managing the financing process and reduces paperwork for our Fleet Administrators and workers. Plus, they always jump though hoops for me and the drivers.”

Consumer Lease Success Story

Situation While it has always been the goal of the Lease Maturity Call Center to sell more end-of-lease vehicles to their customers, for this national bank, the way to make this happen was elusive. The bank had its own prime financing but had no option for its credit challenged customers. Its own prime lending unit was not as responsive to the Lease Maturity Center as the center would like and rates were not the best in the industry.

Fourth Fleet Solution Established a “seamless service” model where drivers were warm transferred from the bank’s Lease Maturity Center directly to Fourth Fleet’s service center.

Partner Results The prime customers received faster service and better rates while the credit-challenged bought cars instead of turning them back in to the bank. Fourth Fleet increased the bank’s approval ratio by over 50% and $6,500,000 in incremental financings and car sales.

Remarketer Success Story

Situation Working with a new consumer lease customer, a national remarketer needed something to really boost auto sales and decrease the back-office support processes. Plus, they needed strong measurements to prove that their solution was working for the bank.

Fourth Fleet Solution Drivers were warm transferred directly to Fourth Fleet Loan Consultants who handled the customers' finance needs in a seamless fashion. Fourth Fleet managed the process from start to finish until the loan was funded and the Remarketer was able to monitor the progress of the loan real-time on Fourth Fleet’s tracking system.

Partner Results Increased unit sales and the average unit value, convenient processing, and better service for our customers. The Remarketing client realized more auto sales at higher prices since they could “out-source” the financing, keep their team focused on selling and offer the end-customer a better loan. All, while keeping costs down since Fourth Fleet seamlessly integrated into its process.