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At Fourth Fleet, it starts with the Driver.

Whether you are a Consumer Lease company, Remarketer, Fleet Management company or Corporation, we offer the best customer service and financial services for you and your drivers. To us, serving them is the best way to serve you.

Fourth Fleet is the market leader in personalized auto financing services. Our exceptional customer service and end of lease financing programs allow Fourth Fleet partners increased driver sales and profits – and ensure great customer care throughout the application process.

Financial Programs – Great Rates and much more!


  • More Vehicle Sales – Our financing programs serve most drivers, which means more drivers are approved and more vehicles are sold.
  • More Predictable Net Revenue – The “Fourth Fleet effect” of financing more cars allows you to increase and better predict your revenue.
  • Reduced Back Office Time Reduce your paperwork and more easily track the status of any loan.
  • Proudly Refer Clients – Our highest standards for customer service give you comfort when we assist your customers.
  • Extended Warranties – Keep vehicles on the road, and provide peace of mind for your drivers.

Exceptional Customer Service – for Partners and Drivers!


  • One-Stop Access To Multiple Lenders – Our simple and convenient rate shopping guarantees that drivers get the best possible rate!
  • Easy, Hassle-Free Service For Drivers – Streamlined application, approval and funding processes and fast decisions mean that more Drivers buy their cars – and have a great experience.
  • Knowledgeable And Courteous Loan Consultants – Fourth Fleet takes customer service very seriously. We are driven to finding your drivers the best loan possible – and keeping it simple for your customers.
  • Custom Loan Application And Driver Care Processes – Our flexible driver service options allow our partners to focus on what they do best and reduce back-office time. We’re consumer finance experts so you don’t have to be!
  • Partner Management Expertise insures your needs are met. Fourth Fleet knows how to support partners and is committed to helping you provide good service to your customers.